Manually decide on which months to start/stop watering?

I just installed my Rachio Iro a couple of days ago, and am excited to get started using it!
I’m looking at my schedule for the year, and notice that the schedule continues throughout 12 months. Where I live in Georgia, most people in my area start watering about March and just turn their sprinkler system off sometime in October. Is there any way on the current system to dictate what months to start and stop your waterings?
I love interacting with the Iro, but do wish this feature was available if it is not already.

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Hi, welcome to the community, thanks for your questions.

There is no current way to have the system automatically ‘turn off’, but here are a couple of suggestions.

  • In the left slider menu in the mobile app you can turn the Iro on/off. This essentially disables all watering times and Iro intelligence. This is a brute force approach.
  • At the end of April we are releasing a major software upgrade to mobile and web (2.0). This will include something called flex schedules which will automatically adjust watering days based on current weather (evapotranspiration). In theory this gets you closer to what you want since it might only water once every 3 weeks when winter comes, but not entirely since it will still be watering

So for now, option 1 will work, but I do recommend moving to flex schedules (option 2) once the new software is released.

Thanks and let us know if you have any more questions!

Looking forward to the flex schedules update! Thanks for the quick response!

Can you please explain the actions taken to turn of the Iro on/off on app ver.2.9.2? There is nothing listed like that on my app settings page.

I can’t believe that a simple on-off or season-pause switch isn’t standard. I’m about ready to go out into the garage and just unplug the damn thing until spring.

I must admit I’m frustrated with Rachio. To access the support board, I was forced to sign in with a different email, because the Rachio website didn’t recognize the email I signed up with on the app!! So confusing!

Hey @orphicla!
Sorry for the inconvenience with the login, we are changing that very soon, I agree it doesn’t make sense to have two different logins!
As for on/off in the app, you can switch your controller into “standby mode” by clicking device settings, and then toggling the standby mode to on. This is usually what we recommend doing for the off season, because the controller can continue to receive any necessary firmware updates. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with!
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