Manual Watering Suggestion

Hey guys, I had an idea yesterday that I wanted to share with you guys. It would be nice if there was a toggle in the manual watering interface that allowed users to choose either a precipitation amount or specific length of time. Many fertilizers and lawn treatments will say to put down X inches of water after application. Just thought this would be a perfect feature for Iro since it seems like it would be an easy calculation to get the run time needed to put down say 1/4" of water if that’s what the user was really looking for. Would be a big advantage over a dumb system where the user is just guessing if they’ve put down enough water to soak in a treatment.

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Ah cool, interesting use case. Will make sure the product team @benblackmer gets this, I never thought about it that way before :wink:


Let me take this a but further. There is serious discussion on the state level requiring this type of watering following certain pesticide applications, 1/4" of water or a 15 minute cycle has been brought up. This would be a crucial feature to have.

@gai1, just curious, which state is discussing this watering mandate?

New York

Just an update as I explore the system and interface more and more: Until this becomes a feature (or if it never makes the cut) its pretty easy to take a look at the moisture level chart details. There it will show how many inches of water your manual schedule has run. That alone is a huge improvement over a manual system. Just thought I’d add this to the thread in case any future noobs are looking for this functionality. This serves as a pretty good “workaround”.

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If this suggestion is implemented, I can’t imagine me ever manually watering again by amount of time. I’m always wanting to put down 1/2", or 1", etc., and then I guess how much that equates to in minutes. Would love to see manual watering specifiable in inches. Great idea!

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