Manual watering not advancing to next zone


I have my Rachio hooked up with a Master valve wiring. Very excited so far, but noticed when I tell it to water all 4 of my zones manually, it doesn’t stop at the interval I told it to. It just takes the entire time for the single zone. How can I get it to stop, wait a few seconds and then start the next zone automatically? Thanx!



The remote is not entirely intuitive running more than one zone.

This article should help running multiple zones.

If this still doesn’t help, one of the zones could be shorting. Feel free to take a picture of your wiring and send it over to and they can help further diagnose if it is a wiring issue, and not a software issue.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or feedback.




Doesn’t work with Master valve hookup (which most people have). Just runs the entire time for 1 zone.



Can you email and reference this forum thread?

I had the development team review the last manual zone run and it looks like the controller did water zones 1 and 2 successfully, so it would be helpful if our support team can work with you on a zone test to make sure everything is working properly. If you could also provide them with a photo of your wiring it will help with any troubleshooting.

Thanks and have a great day!