Manual watering from photos

I’m new to Rachio, having used EZFlora and ISY for years–and being increasingly dissatisfied with the EZFlora’s reliability. Happy to find Rachio!

I love the photos for each zone, and I love the controller icon to turn zones on manually. It would be great to combine both, so there is a little controller icon on each zone photo. It would make it easier to water a specific zone.


@hinman Glad to hear you are enjoying Rachio so far :smile:
Having an easier way to water specific zones is a pretty common request, and it’s definitely something we are thinking about! I like the idea of having it built into the little zone “cards.” Is there any information that is on those cards that you maybe don’t use? Just trying to think if there was a way to make a little more room for something like that. Thanks for the feedback!
McKynzee :rachio:

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