Manual Start not working


My system states it is online but I cannot get the manual start of an individual station to work. Any suggestions?


Hey @Hornsnation-
Would you be able to power cycle your controller and try a manual run again? To power cycle, you just need to unplug your controller, wait fifteen seconds, and plug it back in. I think there is a chance your controller is actually offline even though it is saying online in your app.
McKynzee :rachio:


I have cycled the system a few times. It says it is connected but app states offline. Any recommendations?



It looks like the controller was factory reset, I will get it re-connected to your account. Please leave it as-is…




Everything looks good now. Manual runs should now work.



It is working now. Thank you.


I have the same problem - I’ve done a couple of power cycles and still no manual start. Tried on several zones with different valves and feed lines


App says it is online and correctly notes power cycles and manual runs but the water never actually flows…


Ok, just figured it out. Electrician replaced GFI and did not seat the pins properly. I reseated and it is working now. Sorry about that.


@JonPittman just glad to hear you are back online! Let me know if you have any other issues.