Manual Smart Cycle

If there’s a way to do this currently someone please let me know. I’d like to be able to manually enter a pause in watering for a single schedule so that I can allow the water to soak into the ground a little bit before it continues.

Some history on this, I recently did some grading work in my yard and layed out a lot of new sod, for the 1st week and a half I had this set to water daily for 20 minutes on two zones which caused the system to automatically break this into 2 10 minute waterings with 20 minutes between them to allow the water to soak in. I’ve now set this to water for 15 minutes daily and this had removed the automatic soaking time I’d really like to put this back into place as the grade is still such that were the zones overlap one another there’s more water than the grass/ground can absorb in that time which is likely just causing it to run off.

You could tweak/fake the soil type and slope settings to get the desired max runtime per cycle. Check out the table in the following link.

Haha I’m trying to simplify it not cause myself a headache. I could just break that one watering schedule into two schedules that run for 1/2 the time with a break in between them but this seems like a pretty simple request of a feature that the controller can practically do already.

I agree. The main issue is that you have overlap between your zones. If you have an unwired zone available on your controller, another fake would be to set that zone up to water and putting it in the schedule to effectively ‘pause’ in the cycle.

My zones don’t have overlap, but I run into a similar issue as you for one zone that borders the neighbor as the slope of their lawn causes their runoff to soak part of my lawn. Can’t do much about that…

If you,set the grade to steep on these 2 zones that should add that soak back in.

Nope no change with that, I set the slope to be steep on both of them last night and this morning the schedule ran for just 30 minutes (15 minutes each zone) and no pause.

What is your soil type and nozzle precipitation rate?

Loam and the default Rotor Head since I haven’t done a catch cup test to modify the default values. My rotors are the Hunter PGP-ADJ with the 3 gpm nozzle in them.

That explains the lack of cycle. Loam with default rotor head on steep allows for 15 minutes of watering per cycle. I’m curious if boosting the watering time to 16 min will give you 8 min x 2 cycles or 15 min + 1 min. I’m betting on the former. Keep the slopes steep and add a minute to your cycle to bring it to 16 min per zone and let’s see what happens.

Definitely try the catch cup test in the near future as you may have a higher rate than the default.

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Times increased by 1 minute each, we’ll see.