Manual skip with flex daily

Hello to all,

Just registered after doing a ton of reading and changing from flex monthly to flex daily. Ive adjusted all my advanced settings and I’m ready to take the plunge and fine tune over the next couple of months.

My question is, if I do a manual skip on the date that the flex daily is supposed to run, will it just push the watering back to another day to compensate for the moisture depletion or will it just skip watering all together and just wait for the next watering?

My reason for the question is sometimes I like to mow early in the morning and would rather not mow wet grass.

Thanks for any feedback!

I’m pretty sure that once you do a manual skip, with Flex Daily it’s just going to continue to look at the moisture levels. So if a zone needed to water on the day that you skip it, it will water on the next day (assuming no predicted or not enough predicted precipitation). But if it didn’t need to water on that day, nothing changes. It just keeps looking at the moisture levels and will water the next time that it is needed.

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You’ve got it right! Flex will water the next opportunity it has after a manual skip.


Hello, I’m new to using Flex Daily and did a manual skip for today so I can mow. When I looked at the history today, it shows my manual skip but then it shows that flex daily would not be skipped. I don’t think it watered but it still shouldn’t have said it wouldn’t skip either. Can anyone explain why this happened? Screenshot of history is attached as well. Thanks for any help.

It looks like the first message is related to the wind skip setting.
The second on does confirm the manual skip will be applied

Yeah but I put in the manual skip first. I just don’t get why if I put in a manual skip at 12:30 am, why at 4:30 am it would even say that the schedule will not skip. It just makes it seem like the schedule won’t skip.