Manual Skip not working

I am set up on a Flex Daily schedule. I live in TX and have water restrictions. I can only water 1 day per week. Since I have a Smart controller that can be any day but still just one. I have used the Manual Skip function to manage this. In the last 2 weeks, that function has been over riden and yard has watered when Manual skip has been set. I have not had this problem in the past and I have had the controller for over 2 years.Thanks.

I am connected to a Local weather station about 1.3 miles away.

Flex daily and water restrictions limited to just 1 day a week!? :astonished:

And this has worked well in the past?

It has worked for me to date. In some cases the system has watered 2 days IE 2 stations 1 day and 4 the second, or 3 and 3. 1 whole schedule over the 2 days.