Manual shutoff during scheduled watering


Is there a way to manually shut off my Rachio after scheduled watering has began?

I thought I set my rain delay to not water this morning, but it was active, and after last nights rain storm, it seems criminal to have watered this morning. Is there a way that I can grab my phone and shut it off manually when I notice it is watering when I don’t want it to?

Even after I disabled my program, the stations still cycled through and watered as scheduled. I thought there was a manual stop on the previous app version.



there should be a manual stop button you can press


Couple ways, one through the remote, one through the activity card (stop link).


It is there on the webapp, I was able to click STOP on the computer - but as I searched my android phone on the app, I could not see it anywhere.


that reply posted late… anyways, I must have missed it. I’ll look into it later


Yes, iOS and Android.


franz and ghctim, I appreciate the responses. I figured it out, I did not open the remote, which would have given me the option.

Still learning this device, and as of right now, it is smarter than I am. Thank you for making such a cool product!


lol :wink: