Manual run time remaining

When I run my zones manually the maximum time remaining shown in the app is 3h. Once less then 3 hours are remaining it counts down. Why is that.
Also a suggestion would be to have the circle on the app act like the circle of leds on the control panel, but each numbered. The time remaining could be 2 displays. One, the total time remaiming, the second the time remaining on the current zone.

Hi @TheTallBrit!
I’m a little confused about the issue you are running into- do you mind explaining it in a little more detail to me? Sorry, just want to make sure I get you the right information!
Thanks :slight_smile:

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If you have 14 zones and you manually run them all for 30 minutes I would expect the app to show 7 hours remaining. It doesn’t, it only displays 3 hours. 3 hours is displayed until the actual time remaining drops below 3 hours. Then the time remaining counts down. This is only the Android app not the Web version.


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We spoke to our engineers and verified this is a defect. It has been resolved and will be out in the next release which is coming soon! Thank you for bringing this to our attention!