Manual run says it’s watering, but it’s not

Trying to run my zones manually to flag the sprinkler heads prior to an aeration tomorrow. The app says it’s watering but nothing is happening. I checked the common wire at the box and it looks fine. We got a bunch of rain in Houston today, but a manual run should work right? Any other suggestions? I’m lost and pretty frustrated right now. Thanks!

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@Jfolk - if there is a rain sensor in-line on the common wire it will prevent the circuit from being completed back from the solenoids. Rachio will think it is watering.

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@DLane is correct about the rain sensor and you can easily test the zone for its function with a Voltage/Ohm meter.

  1. With the Rachio in standby mode and the cover plate off, test the ohms between the common terminal and the zone you wish to operate. Ohm meter must be in the lowest reading position, which is usually @200 or @20 ohms.

  2. You should have a reading of 20 ohms or slightly higher depending on the type of solenoid and the distance away from the controller.

  3. If there is no reading then assume that your rain sensor is keeping you from operating or there is the possibility of a loose connection or cut wire somewhere in line.