Manual rain delay vs. iFTTT rain delay set up

Hi everyone I am new to Rachio and I have a few questions. I currently have flex schedule on. So If i have this activated,

  1. Do I still need to set up manual rain delay ? If so, how is that different from using IFTTT recipe ?

  2. If rain is forecast but no rain actually falls, will flex schedule auto correct the schedule so it will water the lawn sooner than anticipated ?



If there is enough precipitation either observed or in the forecast for that day, the flex will not run. Most of the time this extra precipitation will keep the soil moisture level from going below zero.

An IFTTT recipe probably won’t help in this case. I would see how the Iro behaves and decide if you want to set a manual rain delay. If there isn’t enough rain to delay the flex and the moisture levels are close to zero it might end up running.

Yes, the next day it will look at the observation (versus the forecast) and make any corrections.

This Spring we will be releasing an overhaul of schedules making them simpler and combining the best of fixed and flex schedules.