Manual override at controller fixed at measly 3 minutes

When I bought Rachio Gen 2, I interpreted that users liked the manual override at the controller, like in the event of wifi or app problems. However, I tried it today, and the duration is fixed at like 3 minutes. You cannot shorten nor extend the 3 minutes, at the controller. You need wi-fi and the app to run different durations in “manual mode” which is different than manual override at the controller. Do I have this right? I don’t understand why controller override wasn’t designed to allow running as long as desired or at least capped at like 30 or 60 minutes.

Originally,I just wanted to do manual mode from the app, but suddenly getting “request failed, please check your connection” so that’s why I had to attempt fallback to controller control. I have initiated support request for this problem.

Request failed, please check your connection Follow this.

Issue resolved.