Manual Operation without using iPad/Iphone

Would be nice to have a direct link in the app how to operate the system without an ipad/iphone

Could you elaborate on what you mean by this?

In the main screen in the app, would like to see a direct link to manually operate the controller without the iPhone/iPad. Right now you have to drill down and find the operators manual. This takes time and is not a friendly way to find. I had this experience this am when I attempted to instruct my irrigation vendor how to set the zones manually from the unit. I gave up because I couldn’t find the information easily for him. Would be helpful to have this info right on the main screen where you see the weather, zones, etc.

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Do you mean besides the big button in the bottom middle of the main screen that is used to manually operate the sprinklers?


you can operate the controller directly from the front of it with buttons on the front. You can share access to the controller so that they can use their own phones as well. The button on the main page that looks like a remote is all they need.

Hey @harvey4340, apologies but I’m not quite sure what you mean by operate. Could you tell me a bit more?

@harvey4340 Are you talking about the manual section having a link to Agreed this article is hard to find.

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