Manual enter rainfall


To my knowledge it is not possible now, but I would like the ability to manually enter rainfall. I have a very accurate PWS, but it is not web connected. On occasions the rainfall at our location is measurably different than what falls at the airport. It would be great to be able to override with precise information.


Thanks for the suggestion. Would you want to do this for specific days? Or what time period would you look for?


Presently we have the ability to empty or fill a zone’s moisture balance. If somehow one could enter an intermediate parameter.


This post is very much like a product suggestion I made last month. A simple interface that lists the most recent 7 days, rainfall as reported by selected weather station, and an override field that is optional for each date, but if provided, takes precedence over station data when calculating water balances.


I second @wx16 suggestion to @benblackmer. I live in Georgia where we have spotty pop up thunderstorms. The closest official station is over 20 miles away. There are two PWS nearby, one 6 mi north and one 6 mi south. We had a nice 1 hr gentle rain (.25") the other day that neither station registered. The beauty of the rachio is it’s ability to use actual weather data in its calculations. Temp, humidity, wind, etc. are valuable pieces of the puzzle. However, the most valuable piece, rainfall, is also the most variable. Fortunately, it is also the cheapest for a home user to collect. A $10.00 rain gauge will give the most accurate data available. There should be a way to enter that data into the calculations. IMHO.