Malfunctioning Weather station

Is there any way that you know of to contact the owner of a PWS reported weather station to let them know their unit is malfunctioning? We have a Netatmo station about .25 mi from our house that appears to be running (temp, press ok) but the rain sensor has totally missed that last two rain events, one of which was quite significant. Thanks

Hey @davelr-

I’m not sure if this is possible. Which station are you having issues with?

McKynzee :rachio:

Thanks @mckynzee , wasn’t sure if possible. The station is 17F2HORTUS and as of last night’s sprinkle was still not registering precip. Thanks anyway

@davelr If you could post the link I can see if I can report it somehow through PWS or CWOP…

Appears to be from pwsweather:

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From these folk’s website, here their link to Weather Underground.

Quote from their website:
“Note the rain sensor comes and goes with freezing temperatures. It comes
in during the Winter. Elevation wise, the Denver rain sensor is close
to perfect. Distance from obstructions wise, not so much. Lot of
obstructions in the Denver landscape. As a result this one reads low
too. But for subtly different reasons.”

(They have links to pwsweather and Weather Underground on their website.)

Thanks everyone, I’m not very well versed on how all the met data gets posted off of these stations.

@mckynzee, the URL Gene posted is the correct one for the station, but if there isn’t an established way of getting a message to the owner, please don’t make a big deal of it. From the number of posts on the forum, you’re already busy enough.

Sunny, thanks for the WU link, but that doesn’t appear to be the same station. The WU link is for a station just south of us and the PWS station that seems to have a problem is to our NW.

@davelr have you been able to find a better station?

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, you can look for stations on Weather Underground (link).
You can also port data from any weather underground station over to pws weather, using (link). Short how to (link).
Be careful about GPS coordinates when setting up pws weather station. Here is a guide (link).


@Gene, yeah I’m using a different station about a mile away but appears to be working fine. The original one is still not registering rain. Thanks for your suggestions about Weather Underground. I’ll go in and see if I can locate any stations a little closer since our rain cells here in Denver can be pretty localized. Thanks again.

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