Main Valve/Pump Zone 1 only works


The Main Valve/pump Zone 1 seems to be the only working. I’m assuming this is some sort of wiring issue but it worked fine on the previous system. Any ideas? THanks :smile:

Can you post a picture of your wiring?

Main panel wired the same as the original:

This was never hooked into the original panel but i believe it is the rain sensor.

That second picture is suspect.

You say it is the rain sensor, which it could be but it is odd that if it was never hooked up that the wires would be shorted like that.

Are all your valves in the same place? I ask because if they are in different location, im wondering if that is a common that needs to be connected to the other common?

I tried both and still no luck. There are two white wires coming from the rain sensor this is probably them but i can’t tell where it connects to though. Interestingly enough I swapped the zone 1 and zone 2 wires and “zone 2” (previously zone 1) now opens up. If i switch to zone 1 i can hear a little push of the water from Z2 but it suddenly phases out. Happens with all areas seems like its getting the key but nothing coming up.

Please reach out to [] with any pictures before/after you have. They can help with wiring issues.



Like Fran’s said, reach out to them, the controller seems good.

Appreciate your help. I did reach out and it turns out the Master pump wire was switched with the zone 1 wire. Though the MP wire was labeled as 1. Guess I have to and relabel these thanks!