Magnetic Cover - Rachio 3


Just installed the Rachio 3 and everything is working perfectly except I can’t get the magnetic cover to attach to the device. It just isn’t sticking at all on any part… it seems like this should be obvious after getting the wiring and setup all done with no problem. Any suggestions?


@kse90 Interesting. Can you verify that there are actually magnets on the cover? Could be a manufacturing defect that our customer success team can replace for you :wink:



I appreciate your quick response! It does have the two circular magnets in the cover. I went back out and pressed on it really hard and got it to stick. I was just under the impression it would very easily attach and I didn’t want to break it by forcing it earlier. I think I’m set for now. Thanks again.


@kse90 Ok sounds good. It should just “magically” snap on to the front, no pressure needed. If it is still a problem for you we can get the customer success team to take care of ya. :wink:

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All it takes is one little wire not seated properly where the wires exit the controller and you’ll have difficulty with the cover. The magnets work but they aren’t strong. I happens to me on occasion, particularly if you have a lot of zones and/or your landing 14 ga wire.:smile: