LOVE the new app design! Great job

It was time to startup my system again this year. Everything went very smooth. The new app and design are awesome! Great improvement and really good flow/usability. Great job app dev and design team!

My prior year schedule was there, but would not run. I had to delete current schedules and recreate. No big deal. I brought this up before and still a small issue, but not addressed. On the schedule START and END dates, DO NOT HAVE THE YEAR embedded. Mine still had 2017 on start/end from last year and did not schedule/run. Screen shows only MO/DATE (when selected), however I’m assuming from calendar selection it is embedding the year.


P.S. Discussions in “Nextdoor” app regarding smart controllers. Might be a good spot for some promoted advertising for you. I have made recommendations to those asking, and also making them aware of possible rebates from water districts, etc. If you promoted and made them aware of potential rebates, you might see a nice ROI. Most people I talk to about a WiFi controller have no idea you exist. Viral business is great, but you need to start marketing your product. It is very good!