Love hate relationship with Rachio

Hello all,

I am really hoping that someone on here has experienced my frustration and has figured out a solution for it. I have been trying to get my Rachio system set up for probably a year. I have a rainbird system that came with my new build with 24 zones. I love the Rachio interface so I bought 2 units 6 months ago, got an isolator recommended by someone on this forum off amazon for $20 or so. I hired a professional to install it all but after 3 hours and $300+, we could never get it to work so I returned both units, and got a wifi adapter for the rainbird but it is horrible compared to Rachio.

After using it for 6 months, I got tired of it and tried Rachio again. Bought 2 units, bought an Isolator recommended by Rachio spent another $100, hired a pro to install it for another $200, and it’s still not working. Now all I am left with is almost $1k spent, time wasted, and frustration.

Currently, my controllers work manually but it does not receive “on” commands from the app. I am able to stop any runs from the app and that’s it. I tried the android app, web app, and iPad app. I worked with support but all I am getting are emails back and forth with their suggestions that are still not fixing the issue. My isolated setup was working great manually where it automatically turned off controller 1 when I turned on controller 2 with a click on the isolator. Now, that does not work either. It clicks and switches to the next controller if I manually click stop on 1st controller.

I will forever be grateful to anyone that has been down this road and can help me.

Do you have a master controller? And is it powered and mechanically working? My install was easy. Installing a Rachio Gen3 irrigation controller - YouTube

How is your isolator wired into the system? I am running two units with no isolator just fine. My system doesn’t have a master valve and I use even/odd watering days to insure the two systems are not in simultaneously. Since both units have isolated power supplies you should not normally have to use an isolator to be able to common connect the valves high side voltage. Also when you say works manually do you mean with just the button on the Rachio or do you have to do some type of manual switch on the isolator?

Thanks everyone. I was able to finally get it working with the help on Rachio support. My master valve was not enabled in the app so that’s why it was not communicating to the master valve connection on the controller. It still doesn’t automatically turn off the 1st unit if I accidentally turn on unit 2. It will automatically enable unit 2 as soon as unit 1 is complete. Its a minor inconvenience I am willing to live with but expected it would do that since I had to spend another $100 for this set up. Thanks again everyone. Merry Christmas!!

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