Lost wifi connection - can't get Iro to reconnect

I’m not having ANY luck (going on 2nd day) of getting the Iro to reconnect to my wireless network. Any tricks I need to be aware of? This is becoming very frustrating.

Removed due to owner not performing due diligence


Thanks for reaching out to us. Really sorry for this frustration.

Would you be willing to email us at support@rachio.com with the email address associated with your account? We can review and get it figured out.



Thanks @beamupscotty, I’ll follow up with you via support.

Removed due to owner not performing due diligence

@beamupscotty, just sent you an email via support. I think we’re getting close to getting your back online.

Sometimes, if the Iro is right next to your router, it helps to move 20-30 feet away for blinkup. This may sound counter intuitive but you signal may actually be too strong and bumping the Iro offline as a result. Wifi connections can sometimes be like music, if the volume is too loud you can no longer understand what you’re hearing. In the same way the Iro may not be understanding what it is hearing if the signal is too strong. Also, attempting blink up in a dark room can help tremendously.