Lost rain sensor events when Gen2 controller is offline

My WiFi network goes down when there are too many devices connected to it. Those times I see Rachio reported as offline until I reboot my router. No problem!
Today we have rain. More than the threshold I set for rain sensor. Usually when Rachio is online, I get a notification that rain sensor is activated. I didn’t. When I launched Rachio app (version 2.8), it said the controller is offline. I rebooted my router. Gave Rachio 10 minutes and launched Rachio app. On the 2nd tab, I didn’t see any rain sensor notifications being reported.
Does Rachio controller throw away rain sensor events if network is down?
Doesn’t it queue them up so that they get pushed to backend when online?
I was expecting rain sensor events.


I had a similar problem last year. My rain sensor was activated because of a few days of heavy rain. Several days later I had a 12 hour power outage. And then it didn’t water for a couple of more days. I was activating my Over Seed schedules for the first time, and for probably a different reason they wouldn’t work. I ended up doing a power cycle on the Rachio to try and make all was OK. I never did figure out the rain sensor status A couple of days later I got an inch of rain and no rain sensor message, so I can only assume that it was still activated. Then three days later I got a message saying “OverSeed morning skipped since station MID_E0698 observed 1.02 in of precipitation with a total threshold of 0.5”. It was really wierd that it showed up 3 days late, so probably a problem with how the PWS I used was reporting. Then everything started working fine. No rain for about a week, and then when it did rain again, I got a message that the rain sensor had been activated. (I never did get a rain sensor deactivated message during this time).

I think based on my experience that the rain sensor events probably get back to the servers, but just don’t show on our logs. After my issues with it I asked if they could have the rain sensor status show somewhere on the current status, close to where it shows rain delay status. Otherwise it’s not easy for us to determine the rain sensor status. Keeping my fingers crossed that they will do this in v3.0.