Lost Connectivity & Water Scheduling

Since Friday I have had 3 fiber cuts, knocking my entire house offline for all day friday (back online friday evening), all day and night Saturday (came back online Sunday morning), and then back offline all day Monday until this afternoon. My Rachio pulls it’s weather station information from my own weather station so this too was offline during those duration. I am curious if these outages and their lengths would cause the system to misjudge AWS and moisture levels, as I have it programmed for a Flex Daily schedule?

@BuddyL33, sounds terrible! Sorry to hear of your bad luck.

This support article details how the controller handles schedules while offline. For Flex Daily schedules, 24 hours after your Rachio goes offline we will initiate a “backup flex schedule.” If you had your flex schedule set to run any day, we will default to watering every 3 days and run on the predetermined start time that you set for this schedule. If you had specific days based on restrictions, we will continue to run on those allowed days as well as at the predetermined start time.

Hope this helps.