Lost Connectivity to my Iro

After continuing to test and refine my Iro configuration, and with some zones not watered enough or too much before implementing my Iro, my Iro soil moisture related values were in many cases pretty far from what they should be. One zone showed to not flex water for about 1.5 weeks.

So I looked at how I could reset my Iro soil moisture related values, deciding that I’d just start over. Starting over is the only means I’m aware of at the present to reset any or all of one’s Iro soil moisture related accumulated values.

I couldn’t find a ‘delete zone’ function on the PC app (and I didn’t look on my Android app).

I couldn’t find a ‘delete Iro’ function on the PC app, but I did find it on the Android app. Knowing a little about how blink works, I thought it was a reasonable guess that I would not mess up the WiFi setting even with a ‘delete Iro’ from Android app.

So I deleted my Iro. Indeed I was correct that the Iro maintained it’s WiFi connection. I know what my Iro’s MAC address is, I can look up what it’s currectly assigned DHCP address is, and I can successfully ping it from the PC. (Plus the Iro’s WiFi status light is nicely flashing green.)

My problem is that using the PC, I can’t get anything more than a blank screen after logging in, and pretty high CPU usage as the PC seems to be sitting here, just spinning away, looking for something.

Using my Android Galaxy S4, after ignore the blink steps, I can’t get a connection to my WiFi network.

Anybody got any ideas on how I can get either the PC app or my Android apps to ‘talk’ to an already-connected-to-the-WiFi Iro?

Thank you.

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If the Iro was deleted from your account (Device Settings --> Delete Device) then you will need to re-add the device.

Since you had issues initially pairing the device, I will go ahead and manually add it back for you. Few minutes.



Your Iro has been re-added to your account.

Please logout/login from your mobile app to see the device.

Also, did not have lat/long coordinates for the device.

I recommend going to Device Settings --> Tap on the Iro Name and this will allow you to properly locate the device.


Oh my! There it is! Don’t have to go around the neighborhood asking to borrow an iPhone.

Didn’t know about lat/long parameters. I’ll put them in. Maybe this will give to me a weather station closer than 9.5 miles away.

Thank you.

Please keep thinking about the manual watering ‘counts’ or ‘doesn’t count’ subject. After yesterday’s discussion I’ve moved to the ‘all manual watering counts’ camp.

To preserve flex schedule moisture accumulated values, if a zone needs more water that you don’t want to count, then indeed just go to the zone valve and do it mechanically (wish I had seen the suggestion before this morning in another thread).

Another alternative would be the already made suggestion of simply providing a manual means of updating soil moisture related accumulated values. (In my case I don’t think I even know where all of the zone valves are.)

Thanks for restoring me. I’m looking forward to seeing what the assumed starting points are for soil related accumulated values.

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