Loss of Internet?

If Internet connectivity is lost, does the controller fall back to a fixed interval schedule?

@noopara - it depends on the schedule that is running and for how long.

  1. Fixed schedule keeps running that schedule.

  2. Flex Daily schedule will keep operating forward for the next two weeks based on the data it has already downloaded - i.e. it won’t react to weather changes hotter/cooler or rain. If the controller doesn’t have internet connectivity for the full two week period, then it will fall back to watering every third day.

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OK. Thanks for the info.

In my case, I would be watering based on ET. So, as I understand it, if Internet connectivity is lost the schedule will continue watering based on the last weather data download. This may be solar radiation or UV for part of a day up until the Internet failure. So, in this case the schedule would continue based on, for example, a low ET value until new data is retrieved. Is this correct?

What is a Flex Daily schedule. Is this one that is determined by weather data?

@noopara - I believe the Flex Daily schedules are only recalculated once or twice a day, unless the parameters are changed and then also checked one hour before a scheduled run. Therefore, the schedule wouldn’t be operating on a partial day’s ET as Rachio will work on a full day’s data - either fully historical, fully forecasted or a mix of both (e.g. at Noon).

Yes, Flex Daily is the schedule that varies based upon weather data.

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OK. Good to know.

How long will the Rachio continue to water based on the historical/forecasted data? If Internet is lost for a month or two, for example, will it continue to run the schedule.

@noopara - two weeks using historical/forecasted data. After that, every three days.

OK. Got it. Thanks.