Looking for votes: What is better? What should be cheaper? (New System Installation)


Looking for votes on which set up is better and also which should be cheaper as I make a decision shortly on a new irrigation system install (my first one):

1) Question: Which is a better setup (A) or (B)?
A) Set Up A (traditional spray heads)

B) Set Up B (rotary heads)
Same as above but with MP Rotors

C) Set Up C (rotary heads)
MP rotary heads but with other supporting hardware recommendation?

2) Question: Which should be cheaper (A or B) if I am doing an installation from scratch?

3) Should I get a “pressure regulator”? If so, what would that ballpark cost?

Thanks everyone!

  • Sumo
    PS included property blueprint if it helps. It is mainly grass with a couple flower beds and 3 cedar tree beds. Fairly even land with a slight downward slope and it does at times get a bit windy with our location near the top of a hill.

Option 1 is way cheaper.
A 1800 head cost is like $2, an MP cost is like $7, that is per head.
Supporting hardware would be the same in all case, BUT it wold not change bottomline much, as the biggest factor is labor.

All these pvc pipes and heads is like $250 for 1000 sq ft lawn, labor quote would be measured in thousands in CA.
I’d do MP rotors anyway.
Check if your water company has a rebate on water efficient nozzels.

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