Look at data from PWS?

Is there a way I can look at data from the PWS currently being used? I know the PWS my system is using is PWS_ELMERWDX1 - I’d like to be able to look at the weather conditions currently and maybe some historical data.

@steve28‌ PM me your username and I can see if there is an easy way to find that PWS.


@steve28‌ Think I found it, you can always go to pwsweather.com to look these up.

Does this look like it?


@franz That’s the one. Looks like it’s not online very often - or not all day or something. I can’t look at any history. Maybe I should turn off the PWS for now. It uses the KBUR (Burbank Airport) which is only 3mi away, so maybe that will be good enough

@steve28‌ I think KBUR is your best bet, 3 miles is actually great for a weather station, and you know the data is going to be very accurate.

Just to follow up here, PWS ELMERWDX1 seems to only be on from ~7am ~5pm. Maybe it’s hooked up to solar power? Seems to correspond to those times. I see there’s another PWS that is only just a bit further away - maybe we’ll be able to select the one we’d like to use in a future update.

In either case, I really like the idea of being with an “official” one that’s at an airport - I know it’s maintained and calibrated. :smiley:

@steve28‌ Agreed :smile:

We just bought a Netatmo for testing and are pretty happy with it.


but…with a rain sensor you are looking at about $220.

Also note that we are not currently using PWS for anything other than rain delay.

We started using PWS for schedule adjustments but the data was too unreliable.

I think that you should include an option to use the PSW data if the user feels that it is accurate. It is reporting on the climate at that location which can be a lot different than that at an airport (depending on distance). Temperature and humidity levels should be about the same for either location but wind and rainfall can be significantly different.

@rgarza28‌ Agreed, we will include this in our next major release 2.0, targeting end of February.

Stay tuned!