Long Daily Schedule Time (10 + hours)

Due to the unique nature of my house (Insulated panels), the hose bibs are not part of the plumbing but are on a single zone on my sprinkler system. I would like to be able to have the “Hose Bib” zone on from 5 AM to 10 PM (off at night). The UI of the Rachio App only allows entering the duration with an up or down arrow that only increments a minute at a time. Clicking the up arrow 900 times is just to painful to be worth it. Might I suggest being able to type in a duration or an end time?

The benefits of hose bibs on a sprinkler system zone are:

  1. The water pressure is at city water pressure (110 psi) vs house pressure of 60 psi.
  2. If a hose bib freezes it is outside of the house and it’s plumbing, limiting potential damage.
  3. I can turn the hose bib zone on or off at will, separate from the house’s plumbing. (If I can set it up in Rachio)
  4. I can put hose bibs anywhere I want, at anytime, and at low cost.
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I struggle with that little button as well :rolling_eyes: I will get your feedback to the team! Are you trying to run this zone at the same time as your other zones? Keep in mind, you can only run one zone at a time with your controller without getting a little… creative. Also, when you are configuring your hose zone, select a drip nozzle type rather than turf. This sets max run times higher!

McKynzee :rachio:

I will want to run it at the same time as my other zones. I hadn’t thought about that being an issue. Is there already documentation on running more than one zone at a time or can you give me some pointers?

Thanks for the tip on the drip nozzle type, that wouldn’t have occurred to me either. Perhaps a “dumb” setting that turns off all the smart features would be helpful too.