Logging minutes per zone

I’d like to track how many minutes each zone has been watered per day. Is there a way to get this data? I created a google drive spreadsheet using IFTTT, but it only breaks it down by schedule, not by individuals zone.

Is there a way to get a spreadsheet that logs the number of minutes each zone has been watered each day?

Haven’t seen a per zone but there is total minutes recipe:

Thanks @johnesc – I’m using that recipe currently. It’s helpful, but I’d like to be able to track watering minutes for individual zones, especially now that @franz has enabled crop coefficient control on new flex schedules.

I have an IFTT set up that tells me what time each zone started and each zone completed. Only problem is that it can’t tell what zone each one is. It just says “zone started” or “zone completed”. :confused::disappointed:

It’s ghetto but the number of minutes for a flex schedule never change, so if you count the days a zone was watered you can get to the value.

True. I’m thinking that as I adjust levers it might affect the watering minutes.

Just seems like it would make sense to know exactly how much water each zone is getting.

Is anyone else interested in this data?

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I’m more,interested in frequency myself.