Log shows less runtime than planned

I’ve noticed recently that Iro is running my zone less than advertised. The flex schedule shows this zone should be watered 60min each time but the log always shows 3 cycles of 19min. I could understand if there was an issue dividing the number if it were say 59min but 60/3 is a whole number so why isn’t it doing 3 cycles of 20min? My other zones are off by 1 min but they have run times that have fractions after being divided by 3.

@GregS Maybe the 60 min is a rounded number too, say 59.6 min rounded up to 60 min ?

I’m pretty sure this is just a display/rounding thing. I seem to remember Franz once saying that the Rachio actually uses seconds and not just the minutes.

I also have one flower zone that Rachio says is going to water for 6 minutes. It turns on at 8am and turns off at 8:06 am, yet the watering history for it always says that it watered for 5 minutes.

Yea, you’re probably right. The timestamps all show an endtime that is 19min after they start but all 3 cycles plus the 2 30min cycle-soak times end 1hr 59min after it starts. It’d be less confusing if they actually rounded instead of just chopping the decimal off.