Local weather looks a bit off

Has anyone noticed if their Local Weather section matches info from places like weather.com? Here my local weather section shows a sunny day with cloudy days to follow. Weather.com (and the precip forecast for my zones) shows a good chance of rain for the next few days.

I noticed this because my zones are slated to run in 5 days rather than today and tomorrow as I was expecting; which made no sense when looking at the local weather forecast section. Looking at the zone data it makes sense but I feel there is a disconnect between what is shown in the top level local weather area and what is used in the zone calculations. For the record the zone calculations make total sense so it is more of a presentation thing.

On that note, having the forecast show Today through Monday rather Tomorrow through Tuesday would be nice for showing why skips could be happening. It is currently 66 and sunny, but rain in the afternoon (not shown) is why zones weren’t run for today.

Looks like an app update was released yesterday and now I’m seeing icons that make more sense. Coincidence after posting his message?..probably :smile: