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Hi, in the Local Weather Location area within the app, I wish to change the location but it’s a bit tricky as my postcode (in Australia) is 3429 which is tied to Wildwood and Sunbury. The app always shows Wildwood but I live in Sunbury. How can I get the app to show Sunbury instead of Wildwood ?


Hey @ColinR!

Have you tried updating your geolocation while at home? This can be found in your device settings! I recommend doing this on the mobile app, because you can just selecte “Use my current location” and it will update your lat/long. Let me know if this helps.

McKynzee :rachio:


Hi McKynzee, the device was originally setup at home with the correct lat long. The issue here is that the area I live in is one post code which covers two areas being Wildwood and Sunbury. The Rachio logic is using Wildwood and I would like it to use Sunbury where I live. Sunbury is a much bigger area, more populated area than Wildwood. This situation must ocurred in other places around the world and infact within Australia. How does Rachio resolved this issue ?


Hi McKynzee, how is this progressing in Rachio ?


Hey @ColinR-

The only solution I could think of was to switch to a different post code for Sunbury, however it seems to me that there is only one post code for Sunbury. Do you know of any others you could try switching it to?

McKynzee :rachio:


Hi McKynzee, the problem is there are two locations associated with my postcode.

Under Device Settings I have:
ZipCode: 3429
Geolocation: -37.59336, 144.72668

With these setting the Rachio app (and online) shows my Local Weather location as Wildwood.

But the Geolocation and where I live is in Sunbury not Wildwood.

The problem is that there are two locations tied to ZipCode 3429. I am in Sunbury but Rachio shows Wildwood. The majority of population live in Sunbury. How do we get Rachio app to select the correct name ? Either use Geolocation or allow customer to select the name from a list (ie Sunbury of Wildwood associated with ZipCode 3429) ?

See link -> https://postcodes-australia.com/postcodes/3429
This link shows two cities - Sunbury and Wilwood.

How is Rachio going to solve this ?

Regards Colin


Hi @ColinR-

I don’t know exactly the best way to solve for this. The town that your app displays is populated based on your zip code (not related to your geolocation). The only thing that the zip code/displayed town affects within the performance of the app is where we pull your historical weather data from which is used for our Flex Monthly schedules and seasonal shift feature. Are you concerned more about the display or about the possible impact this could have on the functionality of the app?

McKynzee :rachio:


Hi McKynzee,

can you refer this to your technical / engineering department for resolution ?

Regards Colin


Hi McKynzee,

how is this progressing in your technical / engineering department for resolution ?

Regards Colin


Hi @ColinR-

The map service we use returns Wildwood for your zip code. Unfortunately, we do not have control over what they return for a given zip, we only display what is returned. Without a major change to the service we use, I don’t believe we have a way to fix this. This should not have any impact on the functionality of your controller. Are you running into issues because of it other than the city being displayed incorrectly?

McKynzee :rachio:


Hi McKynzee,

Rachio needs to take this issue up with the map service on behalf of it’s customers. Rachio needs to support it’s customers.

Regards Colin