Local Weather - Click out to Actual Report

Small but easy request - have the weather reportlet click out to the actual weather report. Currently it looks like its only possible by going thru the Change Weather Station CTA and then clicking More Info under one of the stations. Not the most intuitive or efficient (not to mention risk accidentally actually changing the station) path to see the actual forecast that Rachio working from.

Make the whole reportlet clickable, the top half or the days if not able to add a clear Full Detail CTA.


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I like it! Thanks for the feedback @arkley68, I will get it to the team.

I agree that this would be nice to have. I occasionally like to spot check the PWS’s near me to see what their precip reporting is. Right now, from the web app if I click just on “link” to see their info, it changes me to that weather station. So I have to remember to set it back to the one I was using before I click on “close”. I’ve never liked it working like that.

When I’m troubleshooting weather stations for users I run into this and it drives me bonkers, I always get nervous I’m going to forget to switch it back :scream: