Linking Netatmo to Rachio

I was wondering if someone could help me out. I have a netatmo weather station and it is not showing up on rachios weather station map in the rachio app. I did all the steps using the meteo bridge and waited about 36 hours. So far nothing, called tech support and no help there. Any assistance would greatly be appreciated.

@zelenatrava - If you go to do you see the weather station there? If the station isn’t showing on PWSweather, then Aeris and Rachio won’t see it. I presume that the steps mentioned in the post are the ones here ->

@DLane its up and running at

@zelenatrava - Then I’d just be patient (yes I know difficult when there is a brand new toy to play with). I think I remember seeing some other posts were it took a little longer for a personal weather station to show up. I don’t know what Aeris’s update schedule is. If you’ll post the weatherstation ID if it doesn’t show up by let’s say tomorrow maybe @franz or @mckynzee can ping Aeris to see what the issue is.

@DLane Gotcha! I remember reading on another post it may take 24-48 hours for it to come up on the Rachio app map. Its been about 36 hours so I guess, I’ll give it another day. Thanks for your input!

@zelenatrava I would check the GPS coordinates set within pwsweather. The location it shows on the map should be within a reasonable distance from the location set for your Rachio, otherwise the station may not be shown because it is outside of the search radius. 36+ hours should have been more than enough to update everything.

If the GPS coordinates for your pwsweather station were too far (in another time-zone), it may be easier to create another one. Otherwise you may need to deal with Aeris customer support, like what happened here (link).


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Hey @zelenatrava! Any luck with your station showing up?