Link more than 1 rachio together

Is it possible to link more than 1 rachio together if you have say 20 or 30 stations so you can run under a single application?

@bigbiggreendog‌ The current way to link would be just adding more than one device to your account and running them as separate devices. We might have a way to logically link Iros in the future, but that is not in our immediate roadmap. Please let us know if you have any more questions or feedback!

I’ll second being able to link two units together. I have a few acres to water and am about to install my 2nd device for zones 17 to 29 and it would be nice to have the 2 work together to ensure they don’t step on each other.

I would like to +++++ for this feature! It would be nice for the scheduling to work in unison so that zones from different controllers don’t overlap as well as to support a single master value for all controllers.

@donandersonjr‌ @rlynch‌ On our radar, purely software (good news), need to determine where in priorities this sits. I agree, great feature.