Lighted rachio logo partially out

I walked by my Rachio and noticed the lighted blue logo on the front was partially out. Shortly thereafter I realized my internet was down. (Shame on Comcast!) So I learned this was kind of an error message… some of the lights that make up the logo go out when you lose your internet connection. Nice to know, but it got me thinking…are there other “messages” with the logo lights?

@SteveTate - there is the rain delay rain pattern that will show up in the current V2 software (who knows if they’ll add more in V3).

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I, also, have Comcast and lose my Wi-Fi intermittently. Is there some way that my rachio app can know to modify me of my Wi-Fi outages?

Hey @rjmil-

Your rachio app will notify you if your controller is offline for more than 24 hours. Hope this helps!

McKynzee :rachio: