Less Than One Minute Run Times

I’d like to start and run zones for very short durations to keep rabbits from feasting on my green green grass at home. Rachio can’t do that. 1 minute run times are the shortest unless you want to invest a lot of time into IFFFT or the Rachio API.

I’ve looked at IFFFT and the documentation for the Rachio API and now my brain hurts. I realize this isn’t an important feature improvement for most people, but using the Rachio controller for more than just lawn watering could be beneficial to some.

Is less than one minute run times on a road map, short or long?


Would this chase away gofers? If so I’m all for it! lol

No idea. I use eight (8) Orbit Yard Enforcers which are motion activated sprinklers. They also have a daylight sensor that doesn’t work very well. They are only supposed to run at night but shade will keep them working. My dog walking neighbors hate them. They are a hassle and unsightly. If I could run a schedule that ran for 5-10 seconds every hour or so I wouldn’t need them.

I have used HomeKit integration and siri to run for say 15seconds. I could put a motion sensor and then trigger a rule. I have the same problem with the kids’ rabbits feasting…

Looks like the Apple Home app is limited in the automation, however, if you download Eve app you get great control, including rule conditions and also the ability to set duration on watering zones.

What you need is an Orbit Yard Enforcer to keep critters off your lawn. I had a problem with ducks using my pool. It worked great and chased the ducks away. In a few day they were gone and found some where else to swim. People have posted video’s on YouTube of it working…funny…
Here’s the manufacturer video explaining how it works.

Amazon has them.


You must not have read my previous message…

I have eight of them and I thought they were great at first. Rabbits often creep slowly across the grass as they munch away. The Orbit Yard Enforcer sensor uses passive IR technology. The sensor looks out into zones that look like slices of a pie. If an object moves from one zone to the next, it triggers. They sometimes work but mainly just keep the yard soggy. My neighbors love them (sarcasm). When neighbors walk their dogs or just walk down the sidewalk in general, they trigger. I don’t aim them at the sidewalks but parallel to them. One neighbor’s dog got surprised from the spray, jumped away from the device and into the street dragging the owner with it, who fell. Fortunately, they were okay, but they weren’t very happy.

The Day/Night setting is not adjustable and if you have them located in the shade; it is a problem. Wind moving shrubs and trees can trigger the sensors. Also, God forbid you forget about them and walk across the lawn to get the mail. No bueno.

The second problem with Yard Enforcers is that you have hoses laying everywhere to feed them. I love a good hose but when you have eight Enforcers it gets unsightly. By the way, Eley makes awesome yard watering equipment.

If I could use one system for both purposes, then why wouldn’t I?

Lastly, Apple Home… I spent more than an hour yesterday trying to unsuccessfully add my Rachio controller to Apple Home. I read about others having connection challenges with the two. I don’t want to modify my trusted home/business network to potentially allow Home to do keep rabbits off my lawn. I’m willing to entertain a work around but so far, I haven’t found a solid solution.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Passive IR technology - https://medium.com/@ariesiitr/home-automation-and-pir-passive-infrared-sensor-5f9592863b20


I currently use my Rachio controller with a motion detector to control deer in my yard. I use the minimum setting that is 1 minute. I have the motion controller connected through my Samsung Smartthings Hub that is also connected to my Rachio. To tell you the truth, I think the deer are scared away by the hissing sound of the sprinklers turning on. Having said that I know that they will eventually learn that the noise isn’t a threat and then I will need the water to keep them out. Its a great deterrent and was pretty simple to set up. If you already have a home control system the motion detectors are fairly inexpensive (like $39) and simple to install. While the 1 minute run time is a bit excessive, I don’t think its huge overkill. Some of the critters that come into the yard (like armadillo’s) that are fairly destructive don’t move all that fast so the longer run time probably helps. If I had the option I might reduce to 30 seconds but what is the harm in the extra 30 seconds? In all I think the most I would save is about 2.5 gallons since my flow rate is only about 5 gallons per minute. So my advice to you is “don’t sweat the small stuff” . If you need additional instruction about how I set mine up I would be happy to share that with you.

Thanks for the advice. The main issue I’ve had are excessive triggered events. The field of view on the Orbit sensors are wide and they are difficult to mask. I’ve tried with tape but it’s ineffective. The problem area is my front yard. The sensors are triggered by neighbors and cars driving by. So for my situation, in any given day I’ll have at least 150 unwanted events. That makes for a wet yard.

That is a GREAT idea!
I thought it was silly as first, until I read your reasoning, perfect sense.

An estimate: 15 seconds would be enough if fixed heads, 30 for swing heads.