LED Standby Mode Indication

I just winterized my system and slipped the control unit into Standby Mode. It would be great to see from the device itself that it is in standby. Maybe an indication by the LEDs on the device? Right now it just has a green power light on. When I go into the app or web I see its status is yellow and the history says its in standby mode, so I know from there but on the control unit itself would be nice.

Just a suggestion! But I do love this device and you guys have done a killer job with it and I have recommended you both to my sprinkler guys and a few neighbors and friends.


@murph2481, hmm, interesting idea. Easier said than done, but great idea never the less. Adding this to our back log for the hardware team to review.

Best, Emil

I second this idea. Perhaps an alternative way to do it could be a blink pattern if that helps avoid a hardware upgrade.

Are the LED’s for the plant independently controllable? Maybe when in standby mode only part of the stalk is illuminated. Kind of like the controller has gone dormant for the winter :snowflake:

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I have been reading the requests for more LED light changes (in this and other threads) with a bit of puzzlement. My Rachio is mounted outside my house, behind some bushes and I have to make an effort to go look at it. So I’ve found that once I’ve blinked it up the first time, I could do everything that I needed from the mobile app. So while some of these changes would be nice for some people, I personally would rather see the Rachio team invest their time and resources into scheduling and actual watering enhancements. IMHO, that is the real meat and beauty of this product.