Lawn Renovation

Hey everyone,

I am trying to setup a schedule to water a newly seeded lawn 5 mins an hour between the hours of 5am and 7pm. When I set up hourly intervals, it plans the schedule for the complete 24hr cycle even though I put a start time of 5am. Can anyone help with this?

I also checked my scheduling from the calendar and it shows me all scheduling times by the hour. I was trying to disable hours 8pm to 4am but when I disable one hour, it disables the entire schedule.

Thanks in advance!

This is a great use case with no great solution. Best I can suggest (and have seen suggested) is a fixed Daily schedule and leverage the manual cycle and soak.

Creat a new Fixed schedule > daily interval > every day > start at 5 am > manual cycle and soak > 5 min cycle; 55 min soak. Now set your run time for each zone to be 85 (5*15) minutes.

What should happen is the system will try to run each zone for 85 minutes. But each zone should cap at 5 minutes with 55 minutes of “soak time” before that zone can run again. That should equate to once an hour, for 5 minutes, between 5 am and 7 pm.

Thanks NCSuggs.
That sounds like it would actually work. It actually helps explain how scheduling works. I’m new to the sprinkler world and I was treating it as a (start time - stop time). Thanks for taking the time to reply.
Keep safe!

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