Lawn flex schedule 5 days a week?

I set up a flex schedule for my lawn. Cool season grass, clay/loam, flat, some shade, fixed spray head. I’m in Seattle and the weather is moderate for the next two weeks - high 60’s or 70’s. Looking at the forecast the flex schedule generated it wants to water for 8 minutes in 10 of the next 12 days. I’m confused… don’t you want to water grass infrequently and deep?

That’s interesting. I don’t get the short cycle. What root depth did you use? How much rain has fallen lately? When you click on a zone, look at “moisture level” to see how much is in the soil that the system is assuming.

Are there any drip lines or emitter zones in your schedule?

Thanks for the replies… no drip, 6 in root depth. I tinkered around with deleting and recreating the flex schedule and it now is at every 6 days which is more what I expected. I’m not sure what was going on - before I recreated I looked at the moisture levels and it wasn’t watering to full field capacity so it was continually watering in short segments. Is there any reason the flex schedule wouldn’t water to full field capacity?

@tbs I see something similar, but I’m fairly new to this too. My assumption was that the system didn’t want to water 2x the normal amount in one day, so it needs 2 days in a row to go from 50% to full. Maybe someone with more Flex experience can comment ?

Notice that it never changes the watering duration, regardless of the zone’s moisture balance. In your case, it dumps .42 inches on the zone each time the zone is projected to drop below your MAD level, which defaults at 50%.

Do you have high temps forecast May 9/10? That would explain the high EVT forecast and the back-to-back waterings.

@tbs, what does your moisture graph look like now that you have recreated the schedule with more accurate durations/frequency?

looks more like I thought it should… watering to full capacity and then depleting over 5 days.

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@johnny2678 That moisture graph is not for the original poster. I just happen to have back-to-back watering. I wanted to give him an example of what the graph can tell you. I’m fairly new as well, so I was also looking for a sanity check. You confirmed what I thought, which is that the duration will not change, but the frequency will. As for your EVT question, I’m in the Arizona desert, so it’s warm and dry. Here’s my weather station is prediction for most of that time period.

Tons of sun, and 8-20% humidity for the lowest humidity points which occur mid-day. It sure seems that would push that EVT pretty high no ?

Yea, low humidity increases,et, wind, and solar exposure.

Wow, 101… guess I can’t complain about the FL heat anymore :wink:

What @plainsane said… those values will increase EVT, which will decrease the frequency between watering. That’s what makes flex so great!

@johnny2678 My sister lives in Jacksonville. Florida humidity makes the 90s brutal!

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