Latest iOS update causing watering everyday

Typically full flex schedule triggers watering a couple times a week. Since installing the latest app update today 8/12, the calendar suddenly shows watering virtually every day for the next two weeks. Something seems wrong, I have not changed any settings, and have never had such frequent waterings scheduled.

Viewing the calendar at, has your schedule changed? If not, it’s just an app bug that the developers will quickly fix. Or, maybe something glitched and you need to reinstall the app.

If the schedule is actually wrong, do you see any corrupted settings (on the website)? If so, correct those manually and don’t use the app again until the issue is resolved.

Maybe coincidentally you’re about to endure some miserable heat and so plant evapotranspiration will skyrocket necessitating daily watering? A heat wave is about to grip the US, at least.

To see why watering is happening daily, study the moisture charts. In the following support article you’ll tap Yard instead of Zones to find the moisture charts. Only available for Flex daily schedules.

I was taking a look and things seem to be correct. What may have been happening was that your watering schedule aligned to where the days you did water, watered most or all of your zones. What’s happened now, is while you’re watering more frequently, you’re only watering one or two zones a day.

You can see this from the dashboard by tapping on one of the weather dates with a water drop, or by going into the calendar tab and tapping one of the days with a water drop. That’ll show you the overview for the day, and you can tap in to your flex schedule to see what will actually water for that time.

The cool thing with flex daily, is it’ll only water the zones that need watering. So even though a flex daily schedule might have 8 zones for example, if only 2 need watering on any given day, it won’t water the rest of those zones.

Hopefully that helps shed some light on why you’re seeing more watering days? If not please feel free to reply and maybe I can get you some more answers.


My watering times doubled since the last iOS update, on both the app and website. Front Sod is scheduled to run 4 times in the next 7 days, for example. Weather pattern is similar to recent weather. In 25 years my front Sod has never needed anywhere near the many minutes of water in a week that the new schedule is calling for. Something certainly seems wrong. It started immediately after the last iOS update, so possibly related to some software changes?

Thanks for the idea. Weather pattern is not changing here much tho.

Setting identical on the app and website. All zones settings seem correct and I did not make any changes recently either. Thanks for the suggestions tho. .