Last Watered stat won't update

Seeing something odd, both the website and the mobile app show on the Zones page a Last Watered that’s 7-10days ago even though they’ve all run recently. The history page shows many of them watered about 12hrs ago as well as 3-4 days ago. The moisture page shows these events as well so it’s just the main Zones page that shows old/bad data. Not sure if it’d have an effect but I power cycled my Iro, but it didn’t help.

Also noticed, last night, when that Iro does run the app doesn’t know. There’s no notification, the play or quick run button isn’t showing as already running. The only evidence in the app is the history section.

Though maybe there was some temporary server issues as I did get notifications and the main screen shows an accurate “Last Watered” for those zones that ran this morning.

There have been instances where the app can not update properly. Usually this would happen if the app was left open, and most times, just pulling down from the top to force an update would correct the data, and in some cases force closing of the app would fix and reopening would fix.

Yep I’ve seen that before and it’s what I tried when I first saw the issue, didn’t help in this case. Also, it wouldn’t explain the exact same problem in the webapp that I never open except when the mobile app isn’t working right.

The issue does seem to be resolved, every zone has run and main screen does show the right information on both mobile and web apps.