Last Watered Date is Incorrect


I have two of my zones that on the high level summary page show incorrect ‘last watered’ date.

Zone 1 should show July 7th, not June 30th. Likewise for Zone 5.

I looked at the moisture levels tab, and the more detail tab, and both show waterings on June 30th and July 7th.

Thank you.

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@a0128958 Can we get more information like screenshots and client type (iOS/Android/Webapp). Thanks.



When you first open the app on iOS the schedule dates are really off like by a month or more. Maybe that is what he is seeing. It does refresh but slowly.


Hooper is exactly correct. Only except that I use IE 11.

He’s exactly correct that the last watered date on the opening screen using IE11 is not initially correct. My learning here is that now I’m including the word ‘initially.’ I didn’t realize that IE’s running time is so slow that it takes minutes for some values to be stated correctly.

It perplexes me why it’s a struggle with IE as the browser for Rachio. Complex applications are increasingly going ‘the cloud route.’ Autodesk, Word, Excel and Powerpoint, just to name a few, all work fine with IE.

Thanks for the answers above. I now know what the problem is (difficulties programming for performance when IE is the browser).

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