Landscaper Access Onboarding

For Landscaper Access it would be great if there was a way to provide some basic instruction. Today the “Access Granted” message is over the head of much of the landscaping community. Specific suggestions include:

  1. Simplify the “access granted” message and allow sending it by text, not just e-mail. Personalize the button instead of the generic “Access the Controller” use the device name. A short URL would be a good idea for texts.

‘Owner’ has shared access to a Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller. To connect click Controller Short URL.

  1. Allow language selection, English, Spanish and Vietnamese, at a minimum for the CA market
  2. Once logged in, if nothing is being watered then say so. A blank screen is nice and clean, but confusing to the FIRST TIME USER.
  3. A label on the blue “Run” button or some other call to action might make sense.

I agree! Last year I gave the guy who mows my lawn access so he could Find sprinkler heads before he aerated, and he quickly gave up because he couldn’t figure it out at first glance.

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+1 for multi-lingual option.
Simple landscaper view would be nice.

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