Landscape lighting


+1 for including a landscape lighting feature on the future :iro:


Is the Rachio 3 better set up to have a low voltage lighting zone than previous units? The features I think are needed to do this:

  1. Ability to run a light and a water zone simultaneously.
  2. Have the lighting zone be exempt from seasonal adjustments and rain delays.


Nope. Still only one zone to fire at a time…don’t know about adjustments as all my zones are flex daily.

I’d still argue that there are cheaper and better ways to set up landscape lighting anyways…grab a wifi smart plug to use with the transformer and have Google home, Alexa, or even IFTTT run it for you.


That’s too bad. I would rather have less devices that do more. The competition allows for lighting zones and to use the master valve as another regular valve if you don’t need the master.