Just Seeded Fescue

I just seeded my lawn with Fescue for the first time at our new home. Any recommendations on watering to keep the seed moist? It is planned to be in the low 90’s this week in Oklahoma City and unfortunately I could not wait for the weather to cool off before seeding. Since it is going to be hot I set three schedules to run everyday, 1am for 20 mins, 11am for 8 mins and 6pm for 8 minutes.

I’m in OKC and about to overseed all my fescue as well and have the same question. Also, do flex schedules usually water enough to handle overseeding or should I switch to a fixed schedule until the new grass gets somewhat established?

I was using Flex but just changed it to fixed everyday while the fescue is germinating.

I have gardens on a Flex schedule. When I plant new plants I just enable a fixed schedule to water them daily to supplement the Flex schedule. Works nicely. Once the plants are established I drop the fixed schedule.

So you leave your flex schedules running as usual and just add on the fixed schedules? For some reason I bought I could only do one or the other, but if I can have them all on it would be nice!

You can create and run both types, but I would only recommend enabling one at a time.


I do run both, but only when I want to augment what the FLEX schedule does, like for extra watering during plant establishment. So I get a daily watering of what the new plants need and FLEX figures out what to do for established plants.

Of course, this is just a temporary situation–not more than a couple of weeks.

Thanks! I think what you are doing makes a lot of sense. As long as it doesn’t mess up the flex schedule :wink: