Just received my water and sewer bill -Thank You Rachio!

Well this was my first summer season having my Gen 2 Rachio installed. I set it up for Flex monthly and let it do its thing. Oh sure, once in a while I fiddled with the settings, but all in all , left it pretty much alone. I live in an adult community and yesterday we all received our water and sewer bills. Our Community website lit up with moans and groans of how much their bills went UP from last year. I was curious how I fared ,so I went into my past bills and to my surprise my bill went DOWN 18% from the previous time last year. Most of my neighbors were averaging 20 % MORE! I believe we had a hotter and dryer summer in my area and the only thing I changed was installing my Rachio controller . I really believe the climate control feature and the Rachio being connected to a weather station made the difference. My Rachio controller is on its way to paying for itself. A BIG thank you to the programmers, staff and the Rachio Community for a GREAT experience and product.



We just love seeing posts like this, the team really appreciates these, thanks for sharing!

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You just made our day :joy:
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