Just ran zones, one of them is reporting 0% moisture

I don’t understand what Rachio is doing. I did a quick run of my 3 grass zones for 30 minutes each. After doing this, my front yard is still reporting 0% moisture. Which makes no sense if it ran for 30 minutes.


@Speedwagon, did you refresh the page? I get that sometimes as well but if click on home and then come back to zones it will update and show the change.

I did, yes. A few minutes after posting this, I check it again. And the 3 grass zones all dropped to 0%.

If you “emptied” your zones through the app it will not record moisture for that day. It will assume you want the day zeroed out. At some point I’d like to get “post empty” waterings for the day tracked but not currently on the high priority roadmap.