Just ran sprinklers last night

I have been infrequently browsing since I hadnt needed to run my system yet. Saw some dustups over the new schedule type so I thought I would give it a try. Long story short only some zones needed to be watered in a schedule. Went in and filled the zones for the ones that didn’t need to run. Woke up this morning saw all zones had run and immediately disabled as needed schedule. I won’t go further but how could any smart controller run every zone every time? Glad to see flex is being brought back. So thank you!


Sorry to hear that you experienced unnecessary watering last night. One possible solution is to only create a schedule for the zones that you would like watered now. As the season changes delete this schedule and create a new one with all of your zones. I know this seems a bit round about. Luckily, we are making changes that will bring back zone by zone scheduling.

If you have any questions about how to setup the new schedule please do not hesitate to ask. Have a great weekend!

2 things. The water as needed is going to run the following day after it was created. Flex will do this as well as the moisture level for the schedule is initialized to empty.

If create a flex tonight unless rain is in the forecast, the flex schedule will run as well.

With wan, if 1 zone in the schedule needs to run, it runs all zones.

I had schedules already created for flex, but wanted to try the as needed thing. I saw that it was going to run right away so I put in a rain delay. When I was ok for it to run I removed the delay and topped off the zones that didn’t need water… which were completely ignored in as needed.

Not a typical use case for a first time user, but it is a typical use case. I have 2 zones that are shady. I would have had to move them to another schedule to fix things

Franz hooked me up with the beta app and I am all good now.

Well, with wan, you have to group liked zones, liked being veg., et,