Just purchased a Gen 2, now Gen 3 available?

One week ago I purchased a new Gen 2 after much research and reading reviews that are most positive about Rachio. I haven’t even used it yet since our contractor isn’t quite finished with our new backyard. Today I find out that there’s a Gen 3 available for the same price. Needless to say, I’m very disappointed that I didn’t know about this just a few days earlier. I’m sure that this Gen 2 will be fine but I’m hoping that I won’t miss out on new firmware updates down the road.

@JohnE - I wouldn’t say Gen 3 is available as it isn’t shipping yet. One can order it and it will ship later this month. Not sure where you bought your Gen 2 from and their return policy, but if you can live without a controller for say a month I’d return it and pre-order a Gen 3.

Thanks. I most likely will do just that. Home Depot is where I bought mine.